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President Obama's records were sealed prior to the 2008 presidential election. Why?

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List of Records President Obama Needs to Release to the American People:

  • Copy of Birth Certifictate (Released! However has been forged or altered)
  • Fast & Furious Records
  • Occidental College Records
  • Columbia College records
  • Columbia Thesis Paper
  • Harvard College Records
  • Selective Service Registration
  • Medical Records
  • Illinois State Senate Schedule
  • Illinois State Senate Records
  • Certified Copy of ORIGINAL Birth certificate
  • Signed Embossed, Paper Certificate of Live Birth
  • Baptism Record
  • Foreign Student Aid Records
  • Passport Records
  • Purpose of Trip to Pakistan in 1981
  • Social Security records - explantion why Mr. Obama has been issued a Connecticut Social Security No.
  • Law Practice Client List

While you are at it MR. Obama, we would also like to see:teh situation photo while you were watching Benghazi attacks, the emails and memos denying security and support to US Embassy in Libya before teh 9/11 attacks, the khalidi Tape which has been kept hidden by LA Times, The Tony Rezco Land Documents, and Michelle Obama's Work Attendance Record and board of directors minutes .

When Barack Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate, he obtained a $1 million earmark for the University of Chicago Hospital--and Michelle's salary as Vice President for Community Affairs jumped from $121,910 to $316,962. Her job: pushing poor, uninsured patients to other hospitals. She earned over $300K a year as she painted a false fairy tale of struggle during Obama capaigns.

Why Hide What President Barack Obama Should Be Proud Of?

President Obama was privileged enough to be able to attend Ivy League schools and travel extensively abroad when he was very young. Why wouldn't he be proud to show the American people his college transcripts and travel records? Most would be honored to release grades and writings from attending such ivy league schools. If President Obama is not ashamed of his college grades, maybe he is afraid of revealing poor test scores. Perhaps President Obama is covering up radical writings or fudged application s indicating he was a "foreign student" in order to get foreign student aid. How else would he have paid for college if his family was poor as he has indicated?

"Barack Obama - The Least Transparent President in the History of the United States" ~Donal Trump

Is it possible that President Obama fears what the American People will see in his college transcripts? Did President Obama get foreign student aid by noting on his college admission forms that his birthplace was actually"Kenya"?

If President Obama took advantage of the Govt. for financial aid to attend ivy league schools, he shouldn't worry. Most Americans will forgive him. After all, we are a very forgiving nation. But why hide this from the American People President Obama?

It is no secret who Barack Obama's heroes are, and they may also be reveled if we can see all his college writings, transcripts, college thesis, etc. We already know Mr. Obama was mentored by radical Marxist Frank Marshall Davis. We already know that among President Obama's heroes is Radical Marxist Saul Alinsky.

Donald Trump Offers $5 Million To Charity of President Obama's Choice if he Releases His Records

What about his medical records? Does President Obama have a serious medical issue he has not told the American people? Does President Obama have sexually transmitted diseases? Do Americans have a right to know this?

There are even some Americans who believe that President Obama is hiding a secret that could disqualify him to serve as President of the United States. We have to assume he is hiding something otherwise all these records, which all previous president have had to reveal, would not be hidden, sealed, and covered up.

America wants to know why President Obama has a Connecticut Social Security number. What will really be revealed all President Obama's hidden documents and records and why were they all sealed so early on? What is he ashamed of? What is President Obama afraid of? What is he hiding from the American people.

Why were his records sealed BEFORE he ran for president in 2008 and why do they REMAIN sealed?

Donald Trump Offers $5 Million To Go to a charity of President Obama's choice, if he releases his records

Lastly, If Donald Trump is willing to donate $5M to the charity of Mr Obama's choice, why in the WORLD wouldn't Mr Obama concede? What a great charitable gift Mr Obama could be responsible for!

The Mystery Of Barack Obama Continues

Most Americans don't realize we have elected a president whom we know very little about.
By Steve Baldwin for the Western Center for Journalism

Go Here to Read this Excellent articlle: The Mystery Of Barack Obama Continues

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